About Foundation of
Education Yemen


In light of the high message of the call for education and the critical conditions that Yemen is going through at various levels, especially the field of education, which has been severely damaged during the past six years since the beginning of the war. The desire was to help students continue their education abroad by facilitating access to educational opportunities and scholarships around the world, facilitating their enrollment in these scholarships and providing them with adequate needs that can help them complete their course. The launch of the institution as an urgent need to get out of the impasse, and work to keep pace with educational developments, and meet the needs of Yemeni students, and access to a system of education of the first class corresponds to the needs of the homeland and the world. The Education Foundation is a non-profit, independent educational institution dedicated to serving the Yemeni and Arab communities. It works to overcome difficulties, meet the needs of students, and help them to move towards the future and life.

Vision, Objectives & Values


The leading yemen platform for educational opportunities and community leadership regionally.


To provide the student with all the alternative solutions through which he seeks to achieve his ambitions through a wide range of educational opportunities around the world, and to seek to build an educational society capable of competing locally and internationally.


Education Yemen seeks as an e-learning platform that include excellent educational content to achieve the following objectives :
1. Provide the diverse research resources for all educational opportunities and make them available to students in a smooth and free.
2. Contribute to the support of scientific and research knowledge through the creation of a conscious society and thinker.
3. Expanding the concept of electronic self-learning and upgrading the sources of education.
4. Supporting students by creating a stimulating and stimulating learning environment for their activities and creations.
5. Sustainable development and building a system of partnership and cooperation between educational institutions and the free labor market.


1. Commitment and excellence.
2. Transparency, integrity and teamwork.
3. Efficiency and continuous development.