CICOPS Scholarships 2020

  • 5/31/2019
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    • جزر القمر
    • جيبوتي
    • سلطنة عمان
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    • فلسطين
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    • لبنان
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    • مصر
    • موريتانيا
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    • دكتوراه


CICOPS Scholarships are now being accepted for 2020. The call for application is open!

In order to promote international cooperation, particularly with Developing Countries, the University of Pavia and EDiSU (Institute of the Right to University Studies) provide 10 scholarships to visiting scholars for the year 2020 for a period of stay of 4 to 12 weeks at the University of Pavia.

Academics from Developing Countries who wish to carry out research in collaboration with a professor at the University of Pavia are welcome to apply.


Applicants must have at least two years of either teaching experience or activity within international organizations and institutions and must have the support of a collaborator at the University of Pavia who invites them with a formal invitation letter (incomplete applications will be rejected, no exceptions will be made).

CICOPS Scholarships are foreseen for research collaboration in the short period in order to encourage the mobility of researchers from Developing Countries. Applicants enrolled in a Doctoral or Postgraduate Course at an Italian University are not eligible to apply.


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